Evil Eye/Hamsa/Malocchio

Evil eye and mermaid tail necklace


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    Made with sterling silver 925.

    An evil eye 🧿 means that it will protect the person wearing it from any malicious and negative glares or thoughts to/of them. It wards away and negativity. Keeps a person calm and focused.

    Mermaids can signify this particular sweet freedom of life, helping us pay tribute to our primordial home. By singing her song, the mermaid beckons us to return to the calm (and at times turbulent) water, and seems to promise our protection if we follow.

    Combined it is a powerful protection piece.

    The chain is an average length of 18 inches or 45 centimetres.

    Please note when making the order, they take me approx 2 weeks to complete then shipped, but, if you are needing this as a gift and are in a hurry message me first before ordering and I can let you know if I can have it done sooner.