Welcome and thank you for visiting my shop! If you have any questions please message me anytime.

First, I am a Very proud Autism Mom to my son Frankie. Everything I do is for him and his little brother. Frankie is now five years old, he is developmentally delayed and is non verbal (meaning he does not speak a word). When he is happy - he is so happy and will bring joy to your soul.

Every piece of jewelry tells it’s own story...
Whether you are proud of yourself or someone else for their accomplishments, having a baby, birthday coming up, special occasions such as weddings, baptisms, communions and more or even wanting to give someone a powerful piece to help them stay strong while they are battling a terrible disease, even mourning a loss and want to hold them close somehow or just to treat yourself I am very grateful and honoured to help you do that. I can customize a piece with any words or sayings of your choice even with photos or have pre made items readily available to ship.

I want to thank all of my supporters because without you I could not help my son go into many programs, out of the box therapies, equipment needs and more. Some examples of out of box therapies Frankie does are Equine, Dance, Agricultural, Active, Swimming, Farm Therapies. He also goes to IBI therapy. I also put some away into his savings as I do not know what his future holds but I pray it is bright!

Thank you so much and remember sometimes someone who looks or acts different is just different. They are by no means less.

And that’s why I do these items for my son, Frankie... hence the hashtag, #idothisforfrankie